Café Silvestre has developed a system designed to transmit all the flavor and aroma of the best coffee in each cup.

The Cremossa Espresso capsule system guarantees all the flavor and freshness of the coffee.

Cajas de 14 capsulas Cremossa
Single-dose capsules

Whatever variety you choose at any time

All our blends are in the Cremossa Espresso format. Whether you are a professional who serves coffee to your customers or you enjoy our coffee at home, thanks to the Cremossa Espresso capsule system you only have to worry about pressing a button.

The quality of a barista in every café

The design of the machine together with its capsule ensures that the degree of temperature, preparation time and pressure to which the capsule is subjected is always the same. In this way, we get each cup to express the properties of the selected blend to the maximum.

Book a Live Demo

Our team of baristas can perform a demonstration at your facilities, so that you can see for yourself the benefits of this system designed so that you do not have to worry about anything.